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Flag of Lebanon Dfoun Home Page

The destination page contains Seasons greetings in Arabic. You need to download the proper font to be able to view the Arabic text.

Follow these steps to download and intall the font:

  1. Click on the FONT to download it
  2. When prompted, save the file to your Desktop
  3. After the download is done, open "Windows Explorer".
    1. then open the folder named "Windows" or "Win95" or whatever the "Windows folder is named in your system.
    2. Open the "Fonts" folder and from the "File" menu, select "Install Fonts"
    3. Browse to the location where you originally saved the downloaded font, select it and click OK.

The installation of the font should be done successfully at this point.

Unfortunately, the Arabic Language support works on Internet Explorer only (not on NS if you don't have the Arabic Version). Therefore, for Netscape users, we provided an alternative page that you will be automatically redirected to.

Visit the Season's greetings Page